August 6-9, 2024
Introducing our new line of furniture!


At bingltd, we have been known to sell mainly furniture parts. Luckily with the help of our loyal customers and the hardworking team at bingltd, we have been fortunate enough to finally move in to whole furniture! To start things off we are introducing our line of stools!



All of our stools currently come in unfinished, which lets you be creative with the look! Have the color match your counters or paint them a vibrant color to make them pop! Here at bingltd we strive to give you the highest level of fleixibility, so that you can create YOUR perfect room.

Not only are we allowing you to finish or paint them in whatever color you want, we are also offering them in a variety of styles!
30" Emily Swivel
24" Emily Swivel
30" San Remo Swivel
24" San Remo Swivel