August 6-9, 2024


Rubberwood is the wood harvested and processed from a rubber tree (Hevea brasiliensis). As a hardwood it has a slight yellowish appearance with open grain texture. Rubberwood has increased in popularity because it is a quality hardwood, cost effective, and Eco-friendly.

An excellent candidate for furniture making, it will resist absorbing moisture after it has been kiln dried. Rubberwood is much lighter in color, relatively straight grain with some cross grain near the branches. With good staining properties, Rubberwood can be stained with almost any color.

Rubberwood/Parawood can be found extensively in South East Asia, owing its success to the previously booming plantation process that now caters to the market need for rubber latex. It may be marketed in more attractive-sounding names, such as “Malaysian Oak” or “White Mahogany” or “Hevea Wood”. Even though Rubberwood is readily found in South East Asia, it was first discovered in Brazil, where its many diverse qualities led to the export of the plant Hevea to other areas of the world with similarly warm climates.

Pioneered by Kingsley Tisseverasinghe of Sri Lanka, the tree was only used for tapping/ harvesting of the tree’s sap (latex). Eventually, the usage is being revolutionized by the introduction of a feasible treatment process for the wood of the rubber tree. Meaning that every part of the tree is used in some way and ends up as a commodity be it for manufacturing or the end user.


Rubberwood can be used for almost any interior design project. This hardwood is a great replacement for maple, and can be used for almost any indoor task.

Sofa Legs: Our Turning Squares and Ready to Turn Seamless Logs make manufacturing easy. Rubberwood is a great wood for interior products because of its ability to take on any stain, and the characteristics of the wood grain make it great to show off. Seamless Squares are great for lighter stains for their incorporation of the natural wood grain into the leg with no lamination, making the product uniform in its presentation. Laminated squares are a great option if you choose to use a darker stain.

Cutting Boards: Our lamented panels are easily converted into house hold items, cutting boards are one example. The panels are treated with minimal chemicals making it safe to use in food preparation. Creating a marketable product like a cutting board would require very few additional steps keeping your margin low.

Vases: Currently we use our seamless Ready to Turn logs for our vases. Our industry leading process of removing the heartwood from the Rubber Tree, eliminates the risk of the log cracking and provides a wood grain that is great for centerpieces because of their ability to maintain the natural beauty of Rubberwood.

Wood Components: Almost any wood component can be made from Rubberwood, our squares are very affordable when compared to domestic wood squares and without any compromising the quality of wood or aesthetics. Chair legs, bookshelves, bed frames, tables, stairs and desks are just a few of the many possibilities with Rubberwood.